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Third-party carrier-calculated shipping rate

Your shop needs to have Third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates enabled, otherwise our app (or anything like ours) will not function!
This is a Shopify requirement and there is, unfortunately, nothing we can do about it.

For information on how to get it enabled, please look here: Shopify help
It usually only takes 5 minutes…

Calculated/fixed shipping rates

Nordic Shipping Options (NSO) operates with fixed prices for shipping to pick-up points and home delivery.

What price to charge the customer is entirely up to you. You simply set it up in the app settings for NSO. You are also able to offer free shipping if the order is above xxx and to prevent pick-up point delivery if the order weighs more than xxx.

The need for weight-calculated shipping rates has been next to nothing, as just about all shops set a fixed price for delivery to a pick-up point and another for home delivery. The actual price depends on their individual agreement with the shipping carrier and is usually a bit higher than whatever they are paying for it.

Sorting/ordering of shipping options

Shopify handles all sorting of shipping options during checkout. This means that Nordic Shipping Options have no say in what order they appear in.

Shopify sorts shipping options by lowest price first. If the price is identical, then Shopify sorts by name alphabetically.

Free shipping and discounts

Carrier services, like Nordic Shipping Options, do not receive any information regarding discounts. It therefore has no way of knowing if the total amount, with a discount, is actually lower than the sum of all products.

If your shop offers free shipping if the order total is above xxx and issues discount codes, then our app can, potentially, allow free shipping even if the order total is below the required for free shipping.

This is very unfortunate and has been reported to Shopify several times for many years – see for instance this forum post or this. We, as app developers, cannot do anything until Shopify provides some sort of fix for this. Unfortunately it has not arrived yet…

Local pickup / business delivery / heavy freight / custom shipping

Nordic Shipping Options (NSO) only supports pick-up points and home delivery.

Any other kind of shipping you want to offer your customer can be set up using standard Shopify Shipping methods. NSO will not be able to print labels for any of these and you will have to handle these manually.


If you ship your products from multiple locations, you need to be aware of how shipping is handled by Shopify.

To begin with, you need to read this:

Please notice this paragraph: “When the products in an order are in different shipping profiles or need to be shipped from different locations, a shipping or delivery fee is calculated for each item and then all the shipping fees are added together. The customer is shown only the final shipping cost at checkout

Drop shipping / integration with other systems

Nordic Shipping Options (NSO) is already supported by several dropshipping providers, so chances are you do not need to do anything to have them support NSO.

If they do not already support NSO, then all they need to do is read the pickup-point id in the shipping_lines.code line on an actual order. The format for the code is [provider]_parcelshop_[pick-up point id]. F.i. “postnord_parcelshop_3953”

Cancelling subscription

We are sad to see you go, but if you have to, then simply uninstall the app. All payments are automatically canceled by Shopify when you uninstall.

All your settings remain, so should you decide to come back, everything is ready for you. You will need to approve the subscription again when you reinstall.